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What are EPAN’s of values?

EPAN upholds the fundamental values of liberty, equality and dignity of individuals as its
corner stones. The association recognizes ethics, integrity, respect, transparency,
responsibility, collaboration, accountability and commitment as the basis of professionalism.
The association will promote the values of human rights, rule of law, democracy, peace,
justice, reconciliation and dialogue.
The association values the pluralism of the Eritrean society and differences of opinion.
2.3. Objectives
a. To organize public seminars and workshops to raise awareness on health, social,
cultural, educational, employment and political issues that concern Eritreans;
b. To facilitate dialogue among Eritreans;
c. To contribute towards the establishment of a strong, open, independent and
collective mass media;
d. To network with Eritrean academics and professionals outside Norway and
establish platforms that help utilize the collective professional skills of Eritreans
for the service of the Eritrean people;
e. To establish different professional associations along fields of expertise;
f. To produce research and development publications that pivot on Eritrean issues;
g. To collaborate with individuals and organizations that sympathise with the
Eritrean people and their cause for freedom and democracy;
h. To advocate for academic independence of higher education institutions in

Do EPAN have bylaws?

Yes, EPAN members abide by the EPAN bylaws, find EPAN bylaws here.

Who can be memeber of EPAN?

Membership is obtained under the following conditions:
3.1.1.​ ​ Membership is open to all Eritreans residing in Norway with
university/college level education.
3.1.2.​ ​ Membership assumes the acceptance of and obedience to the full content of
this bylaw.
3.1.3. Membership is considered after a correctly filled and signed application form is
submitted to the relevant body.
3.1.4. Membership is bound to membership-fee approved by the general assembly.

Can I terminate my membership?

A member shall be terminated from membership if:
7.1.​ A member is in default of contribution ​for four​ consecutive payments
7.2.​ A member repeatedly violates the bylaw, and subsequent advices and warnings do
not yield reasonable improvement.
7.3. Before termination, a member shall be given two written notice of warning. And any
member shall have the right to be heard by the board.
7.4.​ Any member may withdraw from the association at any time, without prejudice.